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Behavior Tree Tool for Unity

Welcome to the tutorial about the Behavior Tree Tool for Unity.

This tool is a visual, node-based editor for creating behavior trees in the Unity editor.

Tutorial factsheet


20 minutes

This tutorial is for...

Programmers and designers with a basic understanding of the Unity editor and experience with node-based editors

Required software

  • Unity 2020.2 or later

  • Programming software

What will this tutorial cover?

By the end you will know...

Behavior Tree Basics

Basic theory of behavior trees: what makes them tick? How are they structured?

The tool

How to install and open the behavior tree tool, and where to find everything

Creating a behavior tree

How to create your own behavior tree using the behavior tree tool

Implement in your game

How to run your behavior tree in the editor using the Behavior Tree Executor

Extra assignment

Create a more complex behavior and program your own node!

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